Businesses that can be started with an investment of 30 lakhs

Businesses that can be started with an investment of 30 lakhs. Among many businesses, we have listed 21 businesses that can be operated with a capital of $300,000.

For those who are thinking of starting a business, it is just a matter of helping and thinking…

Business (21).

1. Pin Min Clothing’s home delivery service

2. Online purchasing

3. Industry of water

4. dog upkeepCleaning and food (dog hotel) businesses

5. ice creamFruit juice pushes

6. Purchase and sale of SIM card numbers

7. Brick manufacturing

8. Tour operator

9. Service of Delivery

10. Flower decoration and flower trading:

11. Highway ticket office

12. computer typing; copying

13. Rental companies for bicycles and motorcycles

14. Acon Service Shop

15. Barber’s shop

16. video A small photo editing studio

17. Grocery store, betel nut shop, recharge card

18. Service of market research

19. Taitai Photo/Vinyl Shop

20. Donut shop, bakery shop, noodle shop

21. Tailor shop

These (21) are businesses that can be started with a capital of Rs 30 lakhs.

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