How to make any plant different when it is not in season

How to make any plant different when it’s not the season… How to make eggs and eggs Ho Man medicine syrup. Only 1 pound of egg shell and flesh. Only 1 pound. 1 and a half pints of cow’s milk. 30 dried prawns. 2 bottles of green liquid.

2 bottles of rice syrup. 1 1/2 bottles of coconut milk. Bean sprouts. The sprouting of peas means that if you soak green peas in green water with a cloth, you will get sprouted peas after about 20 hours.

50 pieces of mango. All of these can be made by grinding them with a juicer or by crushing them. When grinding with a grinder, mix coconut juice, milk, and rice water without using water.

Some powder is 10. 1. Glucose powderHumid is a medicinal powder that is boiled together with stone fire blood and glass juice powder.

If you can’t buy it, don’t add it. It makes the molecules finer and more soluble. Put all of that in a box and keep it for 3 months. 6 months is better. Better after 1 year. If you are going to do it together, it is better to separate one type into a container and use it later.

The ratio is 3 parts to 1. If the things mentioned are 3 times, the sugar is 1 time. chicken at one time. One chicken should be placed in a box with one sweet. Spray 1 liter of egg hormone solution in 200 liters of water to spray on the ground (plant). (Every 15 days) Spray the leaves with 300 cc of egg hormone solution and 200 liters of water. (once every 10 days).

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