A house with a stone hole marked by a witch

A house with a stone hole marked by a witch
A house with a stone hole marked by a witch

My house with the witch’s mark stone hole. There are rumors that there are witches in Yeo. In my hometown, Yeo, the houses in Yeo have 2 round doors.

Because it is a farmer’s house, there is a large cart entrance, so there is a hole on one side of the door. They used to hang big stones in those doorways.

One day, I asked Anang what she was doing. Aman.. The two older ones did not die before you. They did not get sick suddenly. They did not die white-eyed. One is 7 months, the other is 9 months. Others say they were bitten by a witch.

My father once had a witch who went out at night and bit her. In the morning, he saw the birth of his children and grandchildren dead. He was not happy. He remembers his family members who asked him to hang small stones on the door of the stairs.

It means not to eat it. His people, whose mouths are not full, have heard him whispering in the village. That’s why we went to the river and found a stone and tied it. That’s why they hang small stone holes on the doors of some houses in Yo area.

With the idea that evil can be avoided, In fact, if they make fake witches, that’s where they start and hang them in houses. The history of the stone hole is still in some houses today.

Yes, I’m a witch. I don’t bite or eat. I’m a fake witch. According to Chot, it’s a witch’s empire. There’s a stone hole in my house too…

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