The precious child that help parents

The precious child that help parents
The precious child that help parents

The precious child that help parents. This kind of child is rare at this age where parents spend their money playing games and spending time on FB. A 10-year-old son who owes his parents money at a young age in an age where parents spend their time playing games and using Facebook.

This afternoon, while going to Maine on my motorcycle, I had a flat tire. That’s why I pushed. The first shop I met was an old man who looked at it and told me that it would have to come off. Because it was a click bike, he couldn’t take it off.

It’s hard. Yes. It is difficult to remove the rear wheel of a Click motorcycle. I saw a tire repair shop in front of me, so I kept pushing, and found this shop at the intersection of 69th and 39th streets.The teacher who fixed the bike is 10 years old, so I wonder if it’s possible. The name is about you.

If the school has passed the 4th grade,

he is quite skilled at removing the wheel easily without clicking the bike. He is helping out at his father’s shop during the school holidays. He has been helping since he was 8 years old, and now he is quite skilled.

His wife is educated enough to earn a living. What I want to say here is that every parent should ask their children to Both the rich and the poor ask their children to work. Working makes a person mature…

Since I know the value of the money I earn by working for myself, I will never go wrong again. I will not be bored anymore. Nowadays, parents do not ask their children. Even though the house is in debt, they keep their children’s shoes worth more than others. At that time, the son did not eat his parents. I don’t know the laws of the world. I don’t want to work.

He doesn’t know the true situation of his life, and hey, La Hua is old and not progressing, but he can still be a young man.Today’s children are worse. I click all the time, thinking about games and Facebook as my life. I don’t need to say if I click with the money I earn. Clicking with my parents’ money is too much…

That’s why parents love their sons and daughters. So that their lives will improve. A lot of money will be spent in a short time. My life will not end if you teach me how to make money. If you want to encourage Maung Min Kyaw, a handsome man who is working hard at a young age, At his shop at the corner of 69th Street and 39th Street, he does flat tires, air inflation, and wheel repairs.

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