What kind of person will you be in two years?

What kind of person will you be in two years?
What kind of person will you be in two years?

What kind of person will you be in two years?Two years from now, the difference is in what books you read and with what kind of people. It depends on the combination. In that sense, I would like to suggest what you should do.

(1) Reading a book

People say They want to read a lot of books. In fact, in the New Year Resolutions List within a year… They decide how many books to read. But sadly, less than 1% of people make that decision. As a result, less than 1% of the world’s most successful people grow up.

Reading a book does not mean that you have to stay up all night reading a book. After at least 15 minutes of reading before going to bed at night, your brain will develop a lot after two years. You will be better able to think and see opportunities than your illiterate friends. My advice is to write about successful people who can’t read a lot of books

It makes you want to read biographical books. Then you will be able to emulate them and become successful.

(2) Friends

There is a truth. You will become like the people you interact with on a daily basis. The person who mixes with alcoholics will become an alcoholic. Anyone who associates with drug addicts will become a drug addict.

If you associate with a good student, you will surely become a good student. Think about the kind of people you associate with right now. Surely you will be like them two years from now. What kind of people you associate with is choosing your future. Reading books and friends will make your life happier. It is important to build a bright future.

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