Burmese military council criticizes US for inviting NUG

Burmese military council

The US-ASEAN Summit was held last Thursday in Washington, DC. During the meeting, the Burmese military council strongly criticized the US government’s reception of the NUG Interim National Unity Representative in Washington, D.C., as questioning the US government’s anti-terrorism policy. Ma Su Mon reports from Rangoon on a compilation of domestic views on the United States’ stance.

The issue of Burma, a member of ASEAN, will also be on the agenda during the US-ASEAN summit on May 12-13. The United States is pushing for the implementation of the ASEAN Commonwealth Agreement on Burma, and is urging key groups, especially the interim NUP government, to do so.

At the summit, the two sides agreed to allow the head of the Burmese military council to attend, leaving the seat vacant in Burma. At the same time, NUG was invited by the US government to Washington for talks with government officials.

A spokesman for the junta, General Zaw Min Tun, questioned the US position on the move.

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