A cat who graduated with his master because he followed his master to every Zoom class

Recently, a girl named Francis Baudia graduated from the University of Texas. To set this milestone, his adorable cat, Suki, stayed by his side. Suki is said to have attended Zoom Class with his master, Francis.

Francisco posted some interesting photos on Instagram. With a photo of him and Suki wearing the same graduation gown, “Yes,” my cat went to every zoom class I attended. “So we’re both going to graduate from the University of Texas together.”

Social media users who saw the photos of Francesca and Suki in their graduation gowns commented positively. One user said, “I came here because I saw you two in the news. “I’m a cat lover who loves this whole situation.”

Another said, β€œIn my News Feed, it’s about you from other accounts. I have found the original. This made my day. Congratulations. ” Another said, “This is the cutest thing I’ve seen recently. Congratulations to both of you. ”

There were also requests for a separate Instagram account for Suki. “Doesn’t your cat have Instagram because I want to follow him?”

β€œI spent most of my time in my apartment. I had a cat by my side. Every time I learned from Zoom, I wanted to come and listen with me. He was always sitting next to me. Most pet owners know this. Everyone is at home, so I have to take a zoom class. “Suki is one of my special graduates.”

Francesca also runs a clothing brand that sells pet-friendly sweaters that can be worn with their pets.

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