Do you really need to detox?

Do you really need to detox?
Do you really need to detox?

Do you really need to detox? To lose weight Detoxification has become quite popular these days. There are various ways to detox. But is it necessary to detox? Will toxins remain in your body if you do not detox?

The body can detox naturally.

The body knows what it needs to do to survive. digestive system and intestinal tract. Liver Kidney Detox your skin every day. Diarrhea Sweating is something that most people are not aware of, but it removes toxins every day.

So why detox from the outside?

Detoxification is the process of drinking fluids without eating anything. I grind vegetables and drink them. Long-term fasting is done as a plan for a few days.

Normally, I eat oily vegetables every day. I’m not sure what to do. They are eating unhealthy foods such as sweets and salt. On detox days, take a break from these unhealthy foods and eat more vegetables and fruits. You eat less and rest your body.

In this case, some people lose weight after the plan. It has become easier to live.

How do you detox?

As detox became a market, there were more ways.

Partial hunger
I only grind vegetables.
I cut out carbs and ate only vegetables.
Detox coffee Medications Take supplements
Intestinal lavage (usually taken with oral contraceptives, similar to prenatal colonoscopy)
There are many types of sweating.
Does Detox Really Work?
There is little or no research on detox that has been found to be accurate. I have not studied with many people.
A 2015 study found that detox diets were linked to weight loss and weight loss. It is said to be ineffective in releasing toxins. According to a 2017 report, you may feel thin at the beginning of detox, but you may gain weight when you eat normally. There are no studies on whether detox really works in the long run.

I lost weight after detoxing. Why do you think living is easier?

You will lose weight after the detox plan. You may have heard how many pounds you lost. This is not about losing fat. I have lost weight. And when you eat only vegetables every day, you will feel better.

Daily non-nutritious fats and oils Instead of eating only sweets, eat vegetables and fruits. When you drink a lot of water or do not eat anything, you get the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is better to be hydrated. Usually, I eat vegetables and fruits. They drink less water. They drink only soft drinks when they are thirsty.

Another is the mind. Eating healthy Stress is also good because it makes you think you can live well.

But you should know that these are temporary. When you stop the plan and eat normally, it will return to normal.

So can’t detox be a long-term addiction?

A detox is not a balanced diet. This means that long-term detoxification will lead to malnutrition. The body needs calories every day. You will not get enough meat. In addition, eating only vegetables can cause flatulence. You may experience intestinal problems such as indigestion.

Diarrhea and intestinal cleansing can lead to dehydration and poor health.

That’s why detox plans are drawn up for days or months.

So why not detox?

Detoxification is not about the nutrients you eat every day. Take a break from unhealthy foods and switch to unhealthy habits such as drinking lots of water and eating lots of vegetables. Imitate this in your daily diet. Sweets You don’t even have to detox again if you cut down on junk food and eat a healthy diet.

You will be careful about what you eat. If you choose to be nutritious, your body will be clean and healthy without detox.

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