Causes of Phone Battery Inflammation

Causes of Phone Battery Inflammation
Causes of Phone Battery Inflammation

Causes of Phone Battery Inflammation – Find out the causes of phone battery inflammation.

The first solution

1-Battery is bad.

Two: The charger cannot be connected to the machine.

3: Charge the device incorrectly (for example, if it is less than 10%, the battery will not charge).

Finally, the machine breaks down and the following 1: Charging port 2: AC3-chargingBattery blades 4_Restrict the part of the device that is in charge of adjusting the voltage.

Better than these holes.

Someone else might have answered that question. He gives us reasons to believe what he says.

The second solution

Please comment on the incorrect charging of the device.

Conversely, the longer the battery is fully charged and the longer it lasts, the shorter the

The longer the battery life, the shorter the cycle time when the battery is discharged deeply.

I thought of the first answer, which was the complete opposite of my point of view. These positive criticisms continue. Come on, engineer, get a share.analyze this issue in a simple way.

Third solution

There is a Zener diode, and that is its function.

When the battery is fully charged, it will leak voltage to the ground.

For example, you leave the phone on the charger at night and nothing happens.

When the diode is damaged, the battery will run out.

Occasionally, there is an explosion.

You will find good reasons. Come. We will go to our love. He says this is the broadest solution and very close to the missing solution.

The fourth solution

Causes of Battery Inflation

When connected to a single pubg

2 charger, using the device helps to obtain extra heat to accumulate gas in the battery. Gases do not cause problems for the battery, but they can put pressure on the battery layers and cause them to explode, leading to an explosion.

3-In the event of a battery leak or battery failure, rapid discharge or fast charging means that the voltage is higher than the voltage of the above-mentioned battery. For example, when charging for some reason, 5 volts are applied to the battery blades. For more News, knowledges, stay with us.

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