How long can I get pregnant again after stopping Depo?

How long can I get pregnant again after stopping Depo?
How long can I get pregnant again after stopping Depo?

How long can I get pregnant again after stopping Depo? – Forgetful people. Depo is a three-month contraceptive for those who find it difficult to take medication . It is very convenient for working couples as they can be free once every 3 months. But her weakness is waiting to have a baby. I would like to have an injection because of the busy schedule, but it takes a Fri time to have a baby, so I have to think about whether I should use it or not.

One of the most frequently asked questions at the clinic is how long it takes to get pregnant after stopping treatment. Before saying that, you need to know how Depo works.

Depo three-month contraceptive
His full name is Depo-Provera. It contains a progesterone hormone called depot medroxyprogesterone acetate . This hormone is naturally present in the body of women. To prevent pregnancy , you need to inject hormones to regulate your hormones.

One injection can prevent pregnancy for up to 14 weeks. But over time, that is likely to change. To make it easier to remember, they come every 3 months (every 12 weeks).

How does Depo prevent pregnancy?

It is prevented in two ways. The first method is to prevent ovulation with hormones. Another way is to loosen the cervical mucus. If the mucus is leaking, it will not be able to enter when the sperm enters.

Depo’s ability to prevent pregnancy

Depo has a 96% chance of preventing pregnancy. This means that out of every 100 women who become pregnant with Depo, only about four will get pregnant accidentally each year. It can be said that this is very effective.

Can I get pregnant after stopping Depo?

If you want to prevent pregnancy, you need to get regular injections every 3 months. After a few days, you may have an accidental pregnancy due to decreased fertility. What if you stop taking the drug because you want to get pregnant the other way around?

As mentioned above, you should be pregnant from the 91st day. But the reality is not so. After 90 days, the ability to prevent pregnancy decreases, but not enough to get pregnant.

Roughly 3 to 5 months after stopping the drug, you can get pregnant again. But 1 year, There are people who have been away for two years. Rarely does a woman become pregnant the month after she stopped taking the drug. But this is a rare phenomenon.

About half of those who inject Depo become pregnant within eight months of stopping the drug.

Are you ready to get pregnant?
Depo has stopped. Is the medicine still effective? Here are three steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Is the season back?

The season is here. When it is normal, the ovaries hatch. It can be estimated that the contraceptive is almost gone. Then it appears irregularly. It may have disappeared, but the ovaries may have been eroded.

Urine test
This is not a pregnancy test. It checks for ovulation. The tactics are the same. These are called ovulation test kits . This can also be used to check for ovulation.

Measuring temperature
It measures basal body temperature at rest. Normal body temperature rises from the day of ovulation until menstruation. Then it fell back. It measures it.

If these points are present, the egg has hatched. It can be said that the contraceptive is no longer effective.

Why does it take so Fri to get pregnant?

As mentioned above, some take one year to get pregnant again. There is a two-year wait. Why is it taking so Fri? They asked if she was barren. Depo delays childbirth, but does not cause infertility.

Studies show that women who are overweight or obese are more likely to get pregnant later in life. This is because it takes longer to destroy the hormone.

What can be done to stop Depo and get pregnant again soon ?
Frankly, nothing can be done. Doing nothing is the best way. That said, patients may not like it, but they can not. Sometimes give tonics. Are there any good medicines?

It is best to wait for the body to run out of hormones. How long this will take varies from person to person. He returned early and could not take the medication he was taking. Unwanted medication can harm an unborn baby during pregnancy.

So what should you do?

I stopped taking the medicine. If you are waiting to get pregnant, do these things.

Take medicine during pregnancy . This is not a quick recovery. When you get pregnant unknowingly, you can prevent the baby from having a birth defect.
Calculate when you want to get pregnant and when to stop taking the medicine. Most get it in about a year, so cut it out a year in advance if you want to.
Get some exercise. Eat a well-balanced diet and avoid obesity. If you are overweight, lose weight.
Do not forget to stay together. You do not have to wait for the season to return. Ovulation may occur even though the season is not right.
I did not have children until I was over two years old. If your period has returned for more than a year but you have not had it yet, you need to see a doctor. For more News, knowledges, stay with us.

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