Apple’s new App Store rules will arrive on June 30 to make it easier to delete accounts and data

Apple's new App Store rules
Apple's new App Store rules

During WWDC 2021 Apple has set some policies for the App Store , and has adjusted the rules for everything from bonus searches to Roblox games .

Now that WWDC 2022 is set to kick off on June 6, Apple has warned developers that it is ready to change the switch in a previously delayed policy update .

Two Apple App Store approval changes will take effect on June 30. Apps that pay for paid online group services are a requirement of the app’s in-app payment system, and software engineers must pay for easy account deletion (including personal data) within any app that allows users to create an account.

Policies regarding online group services (such as classes and events) were not included in WWDC 2021 changes. It’s actually predicted, but Apple has delayed its implementation three times.

The first delay came in 2020, after Facebook complained that it was unfairly affecting vulnerable small businesses, and another in the spring of 2021 . With the policy of allowing users to initiate account deletion from within the app, it is set to be re-activated last January.

But on January 22, Apple postponed the deadline for both changes to June 30, and we do not expect to see any further delays in Apple’s warnings, saying developers will give them more time to update their apps. One is a note on account deletion requirements, which can be read below, but both policies are listed on the next page for software developers