Refrigerators and air conditioners do not run out of gas

Refrigerators and air conditioners do not run out of gas
Refrigerators and air conditioners do not run out of gas

Refrigerators and air conditioners do not run out of gas.

There is no such thing as running out of time. There is no such thing as sitting down. It lasts a lifetime, it doesn’t last a lifetime.

There’s no reason to waste it because it’s not blown out and burned like stove gas. I am posting to say that you will receive a baby.

This refrigerator uses the gas used in air conditioners as a refrigerant.

These refrigerants are refrigerators. As liquid turns into vapor in air conditioner pipelines,

It’s By rotating with the help of the compressor motor, it produces heat and absorbs heat, resulting in a cooling cycle.

By running this cooling cycle continuously, the refrigerator causes temperature changes in air conditioners.

They are moving around in these pipelines and there is no exit. There is no reason to run out because it is sealed. If it runs out, there is a reason why it ran out.

There is a gas leak due to a leak somewhere in the pipeline. It’s just that it’s running out. That means less gas.

If the gas runs out, it’s because the pipeline is leaking somewhere. It’s because there is gas leakage.

If the hole is big, it will suddenly cool down. If the hole is small, it will slowly cool down.

If it has become like that, where is it growing from? First you need to find where the leak is. If you can find it, if you can fix it, fix it. If you can’t fix it, you’ll have to make a new one, make sure, and then put the gas back in.

It’s not like that, and if you add more gas without patching the hole, you’ll end up back…

In home refrigerators, if they are chamber types, the ice mass is thick in the solid chamber.

When prying with knives and screwdrivers, it is often seen that the evaporator pipe bursts and gas escapes.

Home air conditioners use gas. I always hear about adding gas. If you run out of gas, you must first find the answer to why it ran out.

Indoor-outdoor joints and outdoor L-key valves may have leaks. Indoor and outdoor joints are not enough.

service workers. It is common due to poor quality. Leakage occurs if the pipe column is not carefully formed before connecting the pipe.

If the flare nut is tightened too much, the flare nut will break and leak. If the L key valve is not enough, the oil seal is bad. An oil seal can be.

If the pin valve on a pressure gauge is bad, it often leaks. That pin valve can be

So, in conclusion, I would like to say to those who use refrigerator air conditioners: the refrigerator or air conditioner does not run out of gas just because it is no longer cold.

If there is a failure of other parts, it happens that it doesn’t cool anymore. Some fake service groups give less gas while they are free.

gas consumption, pretending to add gas. There are people who are asking for gas prices. So gas is reduced, gas consumption. I had to add more gas because the gas was low.

How much is the gas price? If they ask for it, ask why it was reduced. Ask where there is a leak and why it ran out.

There must be a valid answer. Ask how to fix the leak. In the next short time, ask how/can you take responsibility to prevent it from happening again.

There must be a valid answer. If not, the price of gas is enough to buy a new one.

I don’t mean all aircon installers, but some people who don’t understand, learn to tell people who are bashing

truly impartial and accountableThere are also many professional service groups.

Such expert service groups will explain all the questions mentioned before so that you don’t have to ask them.

I don’t want to lie to people who don’t know and understand, and I hate that others wash rice with tears.

I can write with the intention of not ending up on the tip of the tongues of the fake teachers who are fake.