Smart TV Box

Smart TV Box
Smart TV Box

The Apple TV 4K (2021) must be recommended as the most convenient Smart TV Box for Apple users.The latest Apple TV 4K (2021) will be better than the previous Apple TV 4K model.

Faster A12 Bionic Processor

One of the biggest changes to the Apple TV 4K (2021) is the processor upgrade from the A10X Fusion Chip to the A12 Bionic. For that, it will be more convenient for long-term updates later. Currently, Apple tvOS is the same, so usage will not significantly change from the previous Apple TV 4K.

Siri Remote Is Now Available

In Apple TV 4K 2021, the Siri Remote has been completely redesigned and uses a one-piece aluminum design, so holding it in your hand will be significantly more convenient. A “five-way directional button” is also added, and scrolling motion is included, so you can easily rewind or fast-forward.
The new Siri Remote includes controls for the TV, not the Apple TV 4K, so the TV can be used with a single remote. Because of that, compared to using the remote included in the previous Apple TV, it will be very easy and fast. If you don’t want to navigate yourself, you can use your voice to ask Siri.

Wi-Fi 6 Support

Now, in addition to Apple iPhones, Mac computers already support the Next Gen Wi-Fi Standard, Wi-Fi 6. Similarly, Apple TV 4K (2021) also supports Wi-Fi 6, so if you want to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 later, Apple TV 4K (2021) will be more convenient in the long term.

HDMI 2.1

Apple TV 4K (2021) has also upgraded the HDMI version and added an HDMI 2.1 port. Because of this, it can be used most effectively with the latest HDMI 2.1-supported TVs. As for the frame rate, Apple TV 4K (2021) can only support 60 fps at the moment, but later on, a 120 Hz refresh rate will be used in applications. Even if support is provided, Apple TV 4K (2021) will still be able to be used conveniently.