Why don’t you encounter virus problems if you use a Mac computer?

Why don't you encounter virus problems if you use a Mac computer?
Why don't you encounter virus problems if you use a Mac computer?

If you are using Mac computers, such as Apple’s MacBook, you will encounter very few virus problems. This is because Apple has made macOS very good in terms of security compared to other OSes. 

Access to viruses or malware can steal system files from websites or files that you accidentally click on, slowing down your computer.It will be possible to delete files or obtain personal information. That’s why it’s best to prevent viruses from entering if you’re working mainly on a computer. That’s why Mac computers are the best choice for your security. 

In this article, we will tell you why Mac computers don’t have as many viruses and malware problems as Windows PCs. 

Apple builds macOS based on the Unix platform. 

When Microsoft’s Windows was created, it was built on the basis of Microsoft’s own software platform, MS-DOS. But when Apple launched macOS, it was built on an open-source platform called Unix. 

The Unix platform at that time was superior to MS-DOS in terms of stability and security features. Microsoft also stopped using MS-DOS after Windows XP and removed the included platform-level security features. On the other hand, Unix, which is an open-source platform, includes Linux, including macOS. It has been used in important security products such as PlayStation 4 and router firmware. 

The Unix platform itself is good in terms of security, and Apple itself is always paying attention to the security of macOS, so it is at the top level in terms of security. 

Gatekeeper presence that checks every new app

If you installed an app that was not downloaded from the App Store on your Mac, you may have discovered that it would not open.This is because of Gatekeeper. 

Gatekeeper is a security feature that examines apps that have not been downloaded from the App Store.During the inspection, the app’s code will be checked with XProtect, and if there is any doubt, it will not be allowed to install but will warn. 

If you want to bypass Gatekeeper, hold down “Control” and click on the app to bypass it. However, before downloading and installing apps that you don’t know, it checks like this, so it can prevent viruses from entering. 

The ability to separate apps with sandbox technology

Apple macOS is an operating system that, unlike Windows OS, employs sandboxing technology.To put it simply, sandbox technology is a virtual barrier preventing third-party apps from accessing the system level without permission. 

This way, even if the app contains a virus on macOS, it will not be able to damage the system files. Starting with macOS Catalina, Apple introduced File and Folders as apps. Selected recording cameras, photos, and other categories have to ask for permission again. 

For that, if you want to know more about the privacy of apps, you can visit System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy and change the permissions of your favorite apps. 

SIP as a security layer

macOS accidentally deletes system files, A security layer has been added as a defense system to avoid being affected. This is called system integrity protection, or SIP. 

Apple released SIP starting with macOS X El Capitan, and it mainly protects malware from attacking system files. If you want to test the system files of macOS, Apple has made it easy to disable SIP. 

Not nearly as many as Windows PCs.

MacBooks using Apple’s macOS Although Mac computers such as the iMac have gained a large number of buyers, they are still a small number compared to computers using Windows OS. 

Due to the low number and the security features included in the security section, the possibility of being attacked by hackers who release viruses and malware is also low. 

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